Our values

Sustainable values ​​define our corporate culture and help implement the company' s strategy in accordance with its mission and vision.
We have put into practice values ​​and behaviors that describe the professional behavior that we expect from our employees. These values ​​were selected by the executive committee of "Medical On Group Investment" taking into account the views and wishes of employees around the world to become an integral part of the selection, development, evaluation and remuneration of our employees.

  • Pay attention to people and strive to achieve results
  • Encourage and motivate others by example
  • To be responsible for their activities, their results, successes and failures.
  • Treat people impartially and respectfully
  • Accurately, clearly and timely respond to appeals
  • Constructively resolve conflicts
  • Benefit partners, shareholders, consumers

  • Actively manage change
  • Easy to adapt to new trends and market needs.
  • Do not stop there
  • Think and act on behalf of customers
  • Seek new opportunities and take justifiable risks.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Strive for new knowledge throughout life

  • To be a role model
  • Comply with laws, rules and regulations of business ethics.
  • Trust others and establish open relationships
  • To be an honest and reliable partner
  • Be attentive and responsible in communication
  • Ensure sustainable development: combine short-term results with long-term perspectives
  • Take care of people, safety and the environment

  • Rationally manage resources
  • Choose the most promising and profitable areas of activity
  • Work efficiently with simple solutions.
  • Optimize costs and terms while maintaining high quality and efficiency
  • Promote effective decision making
  • Consistently and responsibly move towards the goals
  • Cooperate for the best solutions

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