Our strategy

Our research and development strategy is aimed at strengthening our positions in traditionally strong areas for the company.

We are convinced that the Medical On Group Investment company has everything necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of global health care in the face of population growth and an increasing proportion of the aging population.

We are confident that we are clearly The formulated mission, strategy and highly developed culture will allow us to create long-term values ​​for the company, shareholders, investors and society as a whole.

Our research and development strategy is aimed at strengthening our positions in the company' s traditionally strong areas of healthcare, including oncology, cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology, biological products and neurology.

As well as developing innovative areas such as immuno-oncology , prevention of aging, regenerative medicine and infectious diseases.

Investment strategy

In 2014, the company "Medical On Group Investment" in Russia began implementing an investment strategy, the main areas of which are localization of production, educational programs with leading universities, support for Russian research projects.

Объединяя их, инвестиционная стратегия "Medical On Group Investment" It is the company' s contribution to the development of Russian medical innovations, the modernization of the pharmaceutical industry, the improvement of the quality of medical care, the increase in life expectancy and the improvement of Russian health and well-being.

Improving treatment outcomes
We strive to offer patients and health care professionals medicines and solutions that will significantly improve treatment outcomes, ranging from increasing cost effectiveness to increasing patient life expectancy.

We also cooperate with medical institutions and technology companies in order to improve the properties of our basic products.

Leadership in the developing areas of healthcare
The company aims to create innovative products and solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of patients and society and can significantly influence the results of treatment.

Company vision

Become a recognized global leader in medical practice.

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