Man' s health

The modern development of society leads to higher expectations of the expected quality of sexual life.

However, our expectations do not always coincide with our capabilities. The proposed postulates for the modern man - it is always to be all over the first.

Fortunately, today medicine has enough potential to solve many problems, including sexual ones.

In different periods of life a man may have problems corresponding to these periods.

In young age it can be infectious-inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system and psychological failures of the onset of sexual activity, including due to short intercourse.

At middle age , overweight and, as a result, secondary damage to the blood vessels of the penis as a result of cholesterol deposition can join. This age is also characterized by a decrease in the level of the main male hormone & ndash; testosterone. This period of a man’s life is often the most efficient and productive, families are created and children are born.

However, the modern rhythm of life can add social and domestic restrictions on obtaining sexual satisfaction at a chosen time. A man is forced to have time and have time between work, responsibilities in the family and sex. And even if a man has time to solve his social and domestic issues, then the sex forces may not be enough…

In older age , problems of erectile dysfunction may increase and prostate adenoma may be added, which interferes with urination and further aggravates the quality of life.
It is very important to understand that in addition to the natural and age-related risks of developing diseases in different periods of a man’s life, there may be professional costs that reduce the quality of sex life.
However, it is important for a man to find a specialist in such an intimate and important problem..

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