Your health

At the core of "Medical On Group Investment" is health care.

Human health - is an invaluable gift of nature, which must be constantly cared for, protected from the effects of the external environment and time.

Our illnesses, illnesses of relatives and friends bring difficulties and distress, therefore it is very important to receive information in a timely manner during treatment and help. Preserving and improving people' s health is the most important task of "Medical On Group Investment".

"Medical On Group Investment" occupies a leading position in the seven main areas of medicine that are key to healthcare, since the diseases that concern them are the main causes of death worldwide.

That is why the corporation has focused its efforts on developing effective and safe medicines in these areas, where she has already gained recognized authority.

Currently, the company has one of the best product portfolios in the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Developing drugs, we do not focus on the size of the market. The decisive factor in the activities of our corporation is the desire to achieve the main goal - patient health.

"Medical On Group Investment" takes an active part in the activities of professional organizations, associations of doctors and patients, conduct training programs, are engaged in charity.

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