About us

"Medical On Group Investment" - is one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world.

Health is the most valuable thing a person has, and solving health problems in a modern, constantly changing world is becoming a top priority.

That’s why "Medical On Group Investment" < / strong> directs all its efforts to develop and improve the system of medical care in the world, improve the health of millions of people, providing them with safe, effective and innovative medicines.

The company "Medical On Group Investment" was founded in 2012, with its headquarters in Moscow, starting from a modest enterprise for the production of fine chemicals, now "Medical On Group Investment" - one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world.

Thanks to the company' s activities, not only well-known drugs, but also the latest scientific developments that have changed the paradigm of treating serious diseases have become available to Russian consumers.

"Medical Group Investment " has an extensive portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products in promising therapeutic areas.
The priority areas of research for the company are rheumatology, oncology, cardiovascular vascular diseases, neurology and pain treatment, metabolic diseases, rare diseases, biosimilars, vaccines. Research centers and laboratories are located in the USA (Pearl River, San Francisco, St. Louis) and the UK (Cambridge, Sandwich).

In order to successfully meet the needs of patients and clients of the company, as well as be liable for obligations to shareholders, we constantly improve our business practices, monitor the transparency of the company’s activities and always take into account the opinions of healthcare professionals in the management decision-making process.

We firmly believe that the guaranteed access of the population to the newest drugs and quality medicine is possible only by organizing joint work with all parts of the health care system - from patients to doctors, from local health institutions to international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Only together can we improve people' s health and make their lives happier.

Message from the CEO

Dear partners and colleagues!
"Medical On Group Investment" – an international innovative biopharmaceutical company whose goal is & ndash; empowering modern science to create drugs that change the lives of patients for the better.

We aim to focus our resources on those therapeutic areas where our contribution is most in demand. Our investments are primarily focused on research and development in areas such as cardiology and metabolic disorders, oncology, respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Russia is one of the key markets for Medical On Group Investment . In October 2017, a grand opening of the company' s plant in Russia took place on the territory of the Kaluga region. The total investment in the creation of the company amounted to 570 million US dollars. In addition, "Medical On Group Investment" is one of the largest companies investing in research and development. In Russia, we are conducting clinical studies that today include more than seven thousand patients.

We are also working to strengthen the evidence base, and seven and a half thousand patients are participating in our research on real clinical practice. In addition, in 2018 we expanded our scientific cooperation with the Russian Society of Clinical Oncology and continued our partnership with the "Skolkovo" bio-cluster .

We work closely with the medical community to provide Russian patients with innovative drugs for the treatment of socially significant diseases. It is important for us to contribute to the improvement of knowledge sharing in the Russian medical community, informing healthcare professionals about the latest scientific developments.

We are confident that the involvement of Russian scientists in international research projects will be the key to the innovative development of Russian science and bring our experience in the field of research and development gained throughout the world to Russia.

Invariably following our values, among which is leadership in science, the desire to win and choose the right path, to maintain the spirit of innovation and enterprise, we work in Russia for the benefit of patients whose interests are above all for us!

Kanevsky Alexander
General Director "Medical On Group Investment"

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