We strive to help people all over the world to realize their full potential.
We are convinced that a person’s success in self-realization is his health.

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Innovation differentiates leader from follower

Thanks to our efforts, we are important both for patients and for our shareholders and investors.

Achievement of leadership in science

In our research and development activities, we focus on the development of key therapeutic areas in order to strengthen our drug portfolio. We are also constantly working to improve our work approaches.

Resumption of growth

We are transforming our business processes to ensure more sustainable growth and profitability for our investors. Including we rely on a portfolio of products for specialized care.

Creating a great place to work.

We continue to develop our corporate culture and simplify the organizational structure. We strive to attract and retain the most talented employees with significant potential.

Our approach to partnership

Our science partnership strategy focuses on the ability to innovate and develop business in terms of increasing its value in all of our key therapeutic areas..

Advanced Scientific Exp

"Medical On Group Investment" combines the unique knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm of employees in scientific work.

Working in partnership

We are constantly looking for opportunities to combine scientific exp. and knowledge with the experience of institutions around the world.

Medical engineering

Our global division of medical research is exploring many diseases. Support global health research.

Partnership with experts

Maximizing asset development and the experience of both partners in order to create a drug that brings the greatest benefit to patients.


Strategic cooperation with investors and partners allows us to strengthen the portfolio of products in key areas for us.

Experience exchange

Every day, the company's employees work in developed and improve prevention and treatment of the most serious diseases of our time..


Health for all

We are improving access to our products for everyone, regardless of the location and capacity of patients,
and working to control and eradicate the diseases that affect the most vulnerable patients in the world.


Therapeutic areas

Our pharmaceutical portfolio includes more than 70 key products on the global market. Many of them have become a real breakthrough in various therapeutic areas..

Cardiovascular diseases

Specialists of "Medical On Group Investment" for cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders are constantly researching, developing and producing affordable high-quality drugs..


The company constantly explores, develops and manufactures ophthalmic preparations and devices. We aim to market innovative products that benefit patients and improve the quality of life..

Immunology and Dermatology

Our direction in the field of immunology and dermatology deals with drugs that slow the progression of diseases and are successfully used for the treatment of associated diseases in the field of dermatology, rheumatology and transplantology.


During research, we use advances in human genetics, new imaging technologies, and other innovative approaches to help us better understand the nature of brain diseases and develop advanced products for patients around the world..

Cell and Gene Therapy

By replacing, resettling, or reconfiguring the immune system, these drugs may help to heal patients suffering from life-threatening diseases, such as malignant blood diseases, sickle cell anemia..

Respiratory diseases

We have extensive experience in developing primary care solutions.
What helps us improve the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Investment plans

Before you start, read the information.


  • Amount: 500$ - 4 999$
  • Term of deposit: 360 days
  • Daily charges
  • Withdrawal of funds: frd. - std.
  • Body output on request


  • Amount: 5 000$ - 9 999$
  • Term of deposit: 360 days
  • Daily charges
  • Withdrawal of funds: frd. - std.
  • Body output on request


  • Amount: 10 000$ - 50 000$
  • Term of deposit: 360 days
  • Daily charges
  • Withdrawal of funds: frd. - std.
  • Body output on request

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Key developments

24 Сен

A rehabilitation room for children opened in St. Petersburg

September 24, 2018 in the Leningrad Regional Children' s Clinical Hospital the grand opening of a specialized room for the rehabilitation of children with rheumatic and other chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system was held.

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World Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Day

In many countries of the world, September is recognized as the month of raising awareness about blood cancer. The scale of the disaster is impressive: every 35 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with leukemia. The company "Medical On Group Investment" annually supports initiatives to draw attention to the disease, its early detection and treatment of patients with leukemia.

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